Personal care labels

Focused on covering the specific requirements of each sector, we recommend for your labels of personal care products, materials resistant to humid environments, as well as a great appearance and quality to stand out from the competition.

  • Polypropylene with matt laminate to give a touch of distinction.
  • Metallic paper or films creating contrast effects in matt finishes.
  • Embossed paper for products free of humid environments and special edition.

The world-class technology of our presses allows you to provide vital benefits to compete in the market

  • Photographic quality
  • Color consistency between runs
  • Zero inventories, we make exact productions
  • Time to market in launches, promotions or seasonal or fashion designs
  • Multiple design runs (aroma, skin type, hair type, etc.)

If you want to incorporate interaction campaigns with your final consumer, we have the ability to include alphanumeric or QR pages in your designs to link them to your website or landing pages

To control your inventories, fixed assets and processes, we have an extensive line of labels for immediate delivery.

  • Thermal transfer labels for storage to the extent required
  • Labels for shipments, in fluorescent or pastel colors to identify your routes as required


Temperature and humidity resistant labels

Permanent labels

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Placard label holder

Pressure sensitive labels

Laser Printer Labels

Removable and repositionable labels

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All our suppliers are ISO, UL, ROHS certified.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

KANBAN system and PPAP development.

Labels for all industries.

Reliability and performance testing.

Graphic design department.

Worldwide requirements.

Development of special materials (humidity resistance, temperature).

Engineering support.

Inventory in our plant.

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Guaranteed "Just in time" delivery times and self-penalization option in agreement.

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