Nutraceutical labels

All supplements for sports nutrition, health, wellness and vitality, require an appearance that gives security to the consumer.

Project an excellent appearance of your nutraceutical brand. Choose the material and combine it with the suitable adhesive and finish:

  • Provides a matte trend effect for specialized or higher level products.
  • Highlight elements of your design with registration varnish
  • Creates a novel design with the contrast of metallic and matt finish.
  • Highlight the contents of your packaging with translucent designs.

Thanks to our cutting edge technology, we guarantee the development and manufacture of high permanence, readability and conformable labels to adapt to the ergonomics of your packaging.

  • Couche labels (varnish or laminate)
  • White or glossy white polypropylene labels
  • Transparent polypropylene labels
  • Metallic paper or film labels
  • Flexible packing

Our first level technology in our flexographic presses, as well as our certified materials guarantee:

  • Photo quality
  • Consistency of tones between orders.
  • Multiple designs in a single run for your flavor variants.

If your nutraceutical products requires it, we have a wide range of materials, inks, finishes and adhesives with food grade, certified by the FDA, in addition to being certified with ISO 9001: 2015.


Temperature and humidity resistant labels

Permanent labels

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Pressure sensitive labels

Laser Printer Labels

Removable and repositionable labels

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